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as human beings and make us realize that we are all deeply connected with each other. The rumor was spreading quickly and our guests were sending their friends and family to the Tantra Temple. Humans goal is to experience life! And yet another year after that we opened a temple in Reykjavik, Iceland. Everybody may benefit from tantra, because tantra always starts right where you are in life, no matter which life experience you carry along. We are here to progress. tantra tempel massasje oslo eros caht

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We have Tantra Temples in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense and Reykjavik. The Tantra Temple is an association of people dedicated to making the Tantric wisdom available for everyone who is ready for. The tantric wisdom will offer you practical solutions no matter if who want to just do something for yourself or if you want to learn to relax physically or mentally, have a better contact with your body, free yourself. We guide people into progress towards their greatest sarpsborg thaimassasje ssbbw porn potential and help them accept who they truly are. In the Tantra temple, you will learn about the thousand-year-old tantric wisdom of life and how to integrate spirituality, love and sexuality to awaken lifes full force and nurture the inborn potential we all have as humans. tantra tempel massasje oslo eros caht


Tantric Massage: Erotic Foreplay.

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Healing is an original humans nature and no one can brake. We were among the co-founders of the Tantrafestival, which has become a very popular and regular event in Denmark, and aside from yearly festivals in Copenhagen and Aarhus, the concept has spread to Malmö, London, Prague, Budapest, Helsinki and other European cities. Obviously we had stumbled over a great need in a big part of the population; the human need for loving and conscious touch. In tantra there is an ancient tradition for transmitting knowledge, love, energy and even states of consciousness siskolle kyrpää pornoa netissä through touch, so tantra massage was an obvious method to show people that they have an vast unknown innate potential. Therefore many Tantrics are moving to for instance Denmark, which is one of the countries most open to alternative ways of life. We felt that our experiences with consciousness, energy and love were so essential that we could not just keep it to ourselves we had to find a way to transmit. The Tantra Temple is an international environment with both Danes and foreigners. By bringing awareness and consciousness to the erotic energy and lifting it to higher levels, this energy becomes like an engine for rapid personal and spiritual development. Before we opened our first Temple we didnt know whether there would be any interest in tantra massage in Denmark. The masseurs are typically between 28-45 years old. In addition to this all members of our team have a daily spiritual practice and are following weekly courses in yoga, tantra and meditation to continously deepen their understanding. So we knew that it would take quite some work to make tantra commonly accepted. In this way we succeeded in balancing theory with direct experience. We realized what an efficient way it is to transmit something which words can not entirely cover. We were a group of friends who had been practicing and teaching Tantra for a number of years and experienced profound transformation in our lives. We have temples in Copenhagen, Odense and Aarhus where you are welcome to receive tantra massage, listen to tantra presentations, participate in workshops, receive tantric initiations or training in tantra massage, or participate in womens groups, or temple evenings. History, the Tantra Temple began in 2006 in a tiny apartment in Christianshavn. Most of our masseurs are also highly educated from other areas of life and we have among our team doctors, nurses, engineers, ballet dancers, yoga teachers, musicians, ex military men, agronomists and social workers. In the past 10 years we have educated more than 100 masseurs from for instance Sweden, Norway, Finland, Australia, Argentina, Hungary, the Czech Republic, England, Romania, Portugal, Holland, Germany and Denmark. Everyone of us have a power to heal.

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